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Kids learn to build, code and simulate LEGO virtual robots. They also learn STEM concepts through robotics.

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Do you want to keep durable memories of your trips, outings, activities... learning the Art of Photography is just right for you.

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Arts and Crafts

Every child should be given a chance to embrace their artistic side. Try these great arts and crafts ideas.

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Animation and Design

Today, technology is the first step to innovation. Why not give this power to a child and see the magic unfold

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Fundemics This Summers

  • Staying safe should not mean an end to learning and fun.
  • Let’s Learn Together – Grow together at Summers@AmityPrep.
  • The catchword is ‘Fundemics’. A joyous combination of fun and academics.
  • As the old saying goes, ‘What we enjoy learning is what stays with us forever’
  • Our teachers are handpicked and especially verified on our platform to ensure a safe and secure learning journey.
  • We have something of interest for all age groups, starting from four years old to young adults.
  • At the same time there are ample options for lifelong learners to rekindle the hobbies that were buried under the grinding routines of life.
  • Do you still have the school trophy that you won at school for painting, writing, or declamation? Time to polish both, the trophy and the skill.
  • Enjoy learning this Summers with Amity Prep

Why Choose Our Exclusive Summer Courses?

A dedicated and secure platform to keep the children engaged during the summer breaks without the risk of exposure to the ongoing pandemic.
Grow stronger as a family with some quality time together, enjoying and learning simultaneously.
The entire world of fun learning, together under one roof. Foreign language to nuances of coding, animation, theater, wonder math to memory improvement techniques and much more.
The best trainers from various fields have been invited from across the country to come together on our platform to make learning a memorable experience.
Join to experience the wonderful combination of fun and academics, or as we fondly call it, ‘fundemics’
Our experienced faculty is specially verified by us to bring you the best.

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